Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weighty Update

Just in case you've been wondering how my weight loss efforts have been going, I thought I'd post and update on it.  I decided about the middle of last week to try cutting out all carbs for breakfast to extend natural morning ketosis, and eating only at meal times (three times a day) in the hopes that cutting out mindless/emotional/boredom eating would help me lose some of the extra 20 pounds I'm carrying around.

Sticking to the eating plan has been very easy most of the time.  I don't feel hungry between meals much, and when I do, I drink water or flavored seltzer.  And of course I'm still eating the low carb whole foods I've been eating for almost a year.  I haven't even been eating low carb treats much.  Just meat, eggs, dairy, veggies, and fruit.

I thought I was actually losing weight at first.  I started at about 183.6 and quickly went down to 182.2.  But it started creeping back up, and I'm back to 183.6 today, so I guess that's a bust. 

Worse, I've found myself really tired this week.  Kind of devoid of pep.  Now, this could be because it's in the 90s with like 300% humidity, and since we live in western NY, AC is a luxury not a necessity.  But something tells me that it's more than just the heat and humidity.  I've been waking up groggy and tired and with the distinct desire to go right back to bed.  And this morning, I was so hungry that I ended up eating a big cup of yogurt with breakfast with some fruit in it.  I had a really big lunch, too.  It's like I can't get full today.

I'm feeling a little discouraged.  I want to be slimmer of course, but I don't think it's worth it if I have to feel tired and ravenous all the time.  This is how I used to feel on a low calorie vegetarian diet, and that was a horrible way to live. 

Maybe I should give it a few more days and see how it goes.  Maybe I should try eating more at meals to keep from getting hungry.  I dunno, honestly.  I just keep hearing a voice in my head that says that 20 pounds overweight isn't that much, considering I've already lost 90 pounds, and I shouldn't be worrying about it.  Yes, I'd like to hit that magical 100 pound mark.  I'd also like to be in the "normal" BMI range.  But those are just numbers, afterall.  The body doesn't know what those numbers are.  All it knows is if it's sick or healthy, and my body is definitely healthy. 


  1. What are you eating in a normal day? You need protein at breakfast time if you are feeling hungry. I only eat two meals a day and don't ever feel hungry. Perhaps the feeling you have is due to cutting back carbs and it will pass?

  2. I don't know if this helps, but personally, I try to keep fruit to a bare minimum--as in, just the occasional treat, and not a staple of my diet. I know fruit has good stuff in it, but it does contain sugar, which I would think could hinder weight loss.