Monday, July 15, 2013

Berry Bonaza

Yesterday was a very berrylicious day.  We started the day by driving out to the country, to a local U-pick farm, where their blueberry patch is starting to get deliciously blue.  We saw the patch on Saturday, but since it was late in the day and we were both tired, we decided to go back early in the morning to pick when it was relatively cool.

Good thing we did, too; even by 9AM, it was pretty warm, and it got noticeably warmer while we were out there.  We had only intended to pick 3 or 4 pounds, but I guess we really got into it, because we ended up picking around 11 pounds!

And that's only half of what we got!  We gave the rest to Chad's folks.  I decided to clean and fleeze all the blueberries we got today (after I told Chad to eat his fill - he ate three handfuls), and then use them for berry ice cream, maybe some more jam, and if there's any left, I'll blend them together with fresh local apples and make blueberry applesauce to put up for the winter. 

What made me decide to freeze all 5-6 pounds of blueberries is this:

My strawberry patch is just about done producing for this year, but I have more berries coming.  I have two dwarf blueberry bushes that are producing their first crop today, and giving me about a handful of berries a day.  Then I have two large raspberry brambles that just produced  their first berries of the season yesterday; I got about a cup!  Usually I get one or two at a time while the plants ramp up production, but this year...  I told Chad it's like the canes sneezed and out popped all these berries.  I hope it's a sign that we'll have a good raspberry year!


  1. I love strawberries, but am not a huge blueberry fan, and don't like raspberries. Then again, maybe in So. Cal. we don't get good enough ones to eat.

    YAY for you and your great producing garden!

  2. You don't have nearly enough blueberries.