Monday, July 29, 2013


Hey guys!  I know I don't have a whole bunch of readers, but I hope that I can make even just a small impact here.  There's a cool new Kickstarter project called Carb-loaded, which is a film project about the unhealthy effects of carbs on our society.  I know there's a bunch of other low carb/paleo/primal stuff already out there, but the more we talk about this and bombard people with the science and the facts about processed carbs and the harm they do, the more our society will start changing. 

So check out the kickstarter page.  Watch the cool little video.  And if you think it's a great film, donate a little money or pass the link on to someone else. 


  1. I'm so excited about this movie coming out!! Also the one Wheat Belly talked about today called "Cereal Killers".

    1. I saw the Cereal Killers trailer, too! I'm so glad they got funded. It sounds very interesting. I'm afraid Carb-loaded won't get funded, though. They have so far to go!