Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Great Big Thank-You

I want to thank Tom Naughton from Fat Head blog for being a really cool guy.  I sent him a letter a while back (which I posted here if you're interested in reading it) letting him know that his awesome documentary Fat Head literally changed my life.  He asked if I would be ok if he posted that on his website, and of course I said yes!  I want everyone to know the kind of positive changes that can happen to you if you just cut out the junk and eat a natural, wholesome diet.

But along with my letter, he posted a link to my blog, and I'm really grateful to him for that.

I've been blogging for months now, and I enjoy it a lot.  I haven't promote it very heavily, because I figured if people found it and liked it, they'd tell their friends.  That theory doesn't work too well in real life, though.  I was pretty happy if I got 5 page views a day, even though I knew that 1 of them was Chad, and at least 2 more were search engine bots. 

The day after Tom linked to my blog, I got 1200 page views, which was huge!  I got comments for the first time!  Really nice comments, too, from thoughtful people.  I've found some new blogs in the process that I've been enjoying reading, and I feel even more encouraged to continue blogging about my own low-carb/paleo way of life.

So thank you, Tom, for your support, and thank you also to all the new visitors.  I hope you'll stay and join the conversation! 


  1. Thank you too Julie - always great to find another good blog!!

  2. Yes Julie, thank you. I also found your blog thru Tom's blog and it is a delight to read you.

  3. Hey Julie. (I've actually already commented a few times under "Cyborcat")

    I figured I'd let you know that you inspired me to start a similar blog where I talk about my own experiences with trying to lose weight and be more healthy overall:

    Thought you might get a kick out of that =P