Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Weighty Update

I posted an update on my current decision to try to lose weight, and how I've been tired and more recently really hungry.  Lynda from Living the Life asked me what I've been eating, so I decided it would be interesting to write it out.

Food varies from day to day, but it's pretty similar generally.  So as an example, here's what I ate a couple days ago.

2 eggs fried in butter
2 slices bacon
Coffee with heavy cream

Generous slice of cheese (1.5 oz)
Left over beef loin cubes (4 to 5 oz)
Small handful pecans
Handful baby carrots with sour cream dip
1/3 cup blueberries

1 can (6 oz) can light tuna in water.... mixed with
About 2 tbsp homemade olive oil mayo....  plus
About 2 tbsp sour cream
Three or four romaine lettuce leaves
3 cherry tomatoes
Slice sage derby cheese (1 oz)
Slice watermelon
(I usually have more veggies than this for dinner)

I plugged those foods into my SparkPeople food tracker just to see what it all came to.

Calories: 1711
Fat: 132g
Protein: 98g
Carbs: 36g
Fiber: 8g

I can't really figure out why I'm tired and hungry eating this way.  It's not like I'm starving myself....  well, I guess I AM eating about 400 fewer calories than I'm used to, and fewer carbs.  When I'm eating to my fill, I would eat about 2000-2200 calories and about 50-60 net carbs a day.  I don't think you can get keto-flu when you go from low carb to lower carb... can you?

Chad said something to me today.  He said, "I know it means a lot to you, but don't get all OCD about the number on the scale".  He's right of course.  It's not about the number on the scale.  Find health first, and then your body will find the weight it's supposed to be at.  Tom Naughton said the same thing to me when I sent him a thank you email, and he's a pretty smart guy.

I think I'll continue eating only at meals, but I'm going to let up a little on portion size so I can stay full and fueled and maybe kick this tiredness.  1700 calories may seem like a lot to some of you, but I'm a big, active girl (I worked for two hours in my garden every day this week).  When I went low calorie a few years back, I actually lost 30 pounds eating about 1700 calories a day. 

I'll keep you posted on how it's going!


  1. I'd keep the calories the same but maybe lower the protein and up the veges. I know too much protein also has a negative effect sometimes. Maybe the eggs at breakfast minus the bacon? Really, I don't know the answer and Chad is right, you shouldn't get hung up on the number on the scale. I'm sure if you continued this way your weight would drop - patience... :)

  2. 2 hours of gardening a day is a lot. You might need more than 1700 calories a day. And Chad is right. :)