Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fresh Picked

You know what my favorite time of the year is?

Strawberry season!!!  Yes, my friends, it's that lovely time of year when the strawberries decide to bless us with their bright red deliciousness. 

I'm lucky enough to have two sources of strawberries.  The first is my 2x4 raised strawberry bed.  It managed to produce almost two gallons of strawberries last year, which was enough to make Chad sick of strawberries by the end of the season.  The second source I have is one that I was blessed with.  We have lots of wild alpine strawberries growing all throughout our yard, and one spot, in the small side yard next to the chives, is so well suited to them that there's dozens of plants, and the berries get very big (for wild berries).  I love them not only because they're free, but because they have a flavor that's unmatched by any cultivated berry.  They take the flavor of a regular berry, and condense it down to fit into a tiny package.  It's like eating candy. 

I plan on going to a large field this weekend where I know a lot of wild strawberries grow.  Hopefully I'll have timed this right.  Usually I'm too early or too late, which is easy to do because wild strawberries only have about a two week season. 

Nature is awesome!

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog/ new follower. Have a great week! Love summer fruits!!