Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm really tired today.  Not just like "I want to go back to bed", but like "It takes real effort to walk across the room" tired.  A tiredness that sinks down into my bones.  And it sucks, because I'm a homemaker with stuff to do.

However, it does remind me of one thing that makes me happy.  Before I changed my diet to exclude sugar and grains and include lots of meat, I felt this level of tired a lot more often.  Not all the time, but frequently.  When I wasn't feeling bone-tired, I was feeling mentally tired.  You know what I mean; when you can't focus long enough to actually get anything done, and all you want to do is watch reruns all day long. 

It's funny how easily you can forget the way you used to be.  Once you're feeling full of energy and health, the bad old days just fade away.  I actually purposefully indulge in wheat and sugar once in a while just to remind myself of what I'm like when I eat those things, and it's not a pretty sight.  Chad did the same thing last weekend.  He had two large pancakes with syrup on Saturday morning, and I swear he was foggy brained and moody until Monday afternoon. 

So why am I bone-tired today, if I've been eating so well and taking care of myself?  I usually get a little tired around the time I ovulate (which I did recently), but not this tired.  Since Chad and I are trying for a baby, and tiredness is one of the very first signs of pregnancy, I'm hoping this tiredness means we have a little paleo baby on the way :)

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