Monday, January 4, 2016

A Boost to my Resolve

Have you heard the latest news?  Scientists have discovered that sugar, namely fructose, fuels the growth of cancer. 

This isn't a new idea, of course.  There's lots of studies out there pretty much pointing in the same direction, showing that sugar both increases your risk of getting cancer and makes the cancer worse once you have it.  I don't know why this isn't common knowledge by now, but I guess no one really wants to hear it in the United States.

This was a pretty interesting sounding study, though.  It's a rat study, so take it with a grain of salt; after all, humans and rats are pretty different.  Still, the results are intriguing and  I hope it leads to even better research. 

The gist of study is that a diet high in fructose (through sucrose) is correlated to a much higher rate of breast cancer than a diet high in starch.  And the more sucrose the rats ate once they developed cancer, the faster the tumors grew. 

I certainly needed a boost in my resolve to cut sugar way back in our diets.  This certainly helps.

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