Monday, March 18, 2013

Eating Meat and a Love of Animals

I find it mildly amusing when people (mostly vegans and vegetarians) accuse people on a paleo or low carb  diet of hating animals.  As if the simple act of eating another create makes us hateful people who want to abuse puppies and step on bugs.  Well, I'd like to argue that being paleo/low carb has actually made me more of an animal lover.

When you're eating a diet of mostly meat and eggs, you start thinking a lot about how the animals are treated.  Who wants to eat meat from a sick, abused animal?  When I eat eggs or meat or cheese, I want to know that the animals they came from were happy and healthy. 

This line of thought has actually inspired me to start my own mini-farm someday.  We can't afford it now, but someday down the road, we're going to buy a house in the country (in a city that allows you to keep animals on your property, unlike where we currently live) with a nice big yard, and I'm going to keep chickens and goats.  Maybe eventually I'll have a  few cows.  The point is, I want to be intimately involved with the care and welfare of the creatures that feed me, so I know that they're happy and healthy, in the same way I love growing big, healthy vegetables.

I do love animals.  I think they're wonderful, beautiful, and that they deserve the same kindness that we give to each other.  However, I also believe that there is a circle to life.  Without death, there is no life.  That's true of every creature on God's green earth.  If there were no predators, herbivore populations would get so large that they would run out of food and starve to death.  There has to be a balance. 

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