Monday, May 18, 2015

The World Hates Me

I recently started looking for body positive and fat acceptance groups on the internet, trying to find a group of like minded people to help me navigate the slippery slope of learning to love myself the way I am and accept that I'm not perfect and will never be skinny. 

However, instead of finding fat acceptance groups when I googled for it, all I really found was a lot of hate and ugly words.  People are so angry at the body positive movement, and think that fat people have no right to feel beautiful or to be seen in public, and think the movement is moronic because of course there's no way that a fat person could ever be healthy.  So to help fat people be healthy, they throw toxic words at them, tell them they're disgusting and a drain on society, that they can be proud of their bodies but they shouldn't expect anyone to ever find them attractive, that they're just giving themselves and others like them a license to over eat.

I was starting to feel so good about myself.  When I read those things, it just made me cry.  I've never seen such hate before.  We're just people, you know.  Most of us are doing the best we can. 

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